Borderlands Foundation

Where the World Helps Ukrainians With Direct Financial Support

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Borderlands Foundation

We Help You Support Real Ukrainians

You want to help Ukrainians impacted by the brutal Russian invasion of Ukraine.

The world bank estimes that the Russian Invasion will cost Ukraine 48% of it's GDP.

What every Ukrainian needs the most right now is financial support.

Whether they need to use it to support their families, or rebuild their homes. 

They need support, and they need it now.

But every aid organization you see just wants you to donate to them and 'trust' it's going to help real Ukrainians.

That's exactly why we created the Borderlands Foundation.

Through our platform, you can give directly to Ukrainians who desperately need your help.

More importantly, every family you help we have personally spoken to.

We do this with our staff of Ukrainians who are themselves refugees or still living in Ukraine.

Once you choose a family you want to support, just give directly to them.

When you pay them, you will also pay a small transaction fee to cover our expenses.

If you like what we are doing, and want to help us more, just donate more so we can continue to improve the platform.

Thank-you for all that you are doing to support Ukrainians survive and rebuild their lives.


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Borderlands Foundation

Make a Difference in the Lives of Real Ukrainians

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