Ukraine's War Heroes Deserve Their Rightful Place in History

The History of Ukraine's War Against Russia

Will Create The Future Of Ukraine

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Writing Ukraine's History to Build its Future

About the Borderlands Foundation

Learn about the history of and the mission of the Borderlands Foundation.

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Listen to our interviews with people making and writing history in Ukraine

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Watch the 5-part lecture Series about how history creates the future.

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General (Ret.) David Petraeus talk about his new book,

Conflict: The Evolution of Warfare from 1945 to Ukraine

What We Do

1. History

We are producing podcasts, video lectures, and a database of interviews that we are organizing into a historical database.

2. Tours

We facilitate tours of battlefields and trips to the front line for govt officials, policy makers, historians, and journalists.

3. Advising

We provide advice and help to Ukrainian Officials, foreign Officials, and historians on how to create and use history.

4. Charity

We raise money for Ukraine's Veterans to assist them in their journey to recovery and reintegration into Ukrainian Society

Join the U.S. - Ukraine Veterans

Charity Golf Tournament

Join General (Retired) General David Petraeus and an elite group of Ukraine's supporters from both Ukraine and the U.S. on 7 June, 2024 as we honor Ukraine's Heroes

Who We Serve


We are partnering with the Ukrainian Military to get access to Officers and Soldiers who we will interview about their war experiences for future generations. This first person historical database will become the foundation for future research on the history of the Russo-Ukrainian War.


We help policy analysts who are studying the war in Ukraine on their trips into Ukraine to plan their trip and then get access to senior military, police, and intelligence officials who help them to get direct interaction with the Ukrainians who can inform their analysis of the war.


We help policy analysts who are studying the war in Ukraine on their trips into Ukraine to plan their trip and then get access to senior military, police, and intelligence officials who help them to get direct interaction with the Ukrainians who can inform their analysis of the war.


Since they write the first draft of history, we help Journalists who are covering the war in Ukraine to understand the context of current events in relation to Ukrainian History. We also help them explore story ideas, and get them access to the right people to help them develop these stories.


We advise Ukrainian government officials on how to use the History of the War to help win support from the international community. We also work with and help U.S. and other foreign government officials in Ukraine meet and connect with the right people in Ukraine to do their job.


We advise Ukrainian government officials on how to use the History of the War to help win support from the international community. We also work with and help U.S. and other foreign government officials in Ukraine meet and connect with the right people in Ukraine to do their job.

Ukraine's Heroes

The History of the war we are writing is created by the extraordinary heroism and sacrifice of Ukraine's heroic defenders from the military, police and civilians. All money we raise beyond what we need for our mission we will use to support the health and growth of Ukraine's heroes.

Why Us

Combat Experience

Founded by a Cavalry Troop Officer who served 2 tours in Iraq, we hire Ukrainian Veterans to staff our history center and help create the history of every unit of the war.

Historical Foundations

Founded by a former Russian History Professor at West Point, and are committed to creating the material that historians need to create Ukraine's Future through History.

StoryTelling Expertise

Our core staff comes from a Ukrianian Marketing Agency that created a world-renowned course on StoryTelling. We will make sure Ukraine's Story echoes throughout history.

About Our Founder Samuel P.N. Cook

Sam graduated from the United States Military Academy at West Point in 2000 with a degree in European History. He was then commissioned as an Officer in the U.S. Army Cavalry. During his first tour in Iraq, he served as the Regimental Adjustant for COL H.R. McMaster during battle of Tal Afar where he helped handle the media and craft their narrative that this was a turning point in the war. After serving as a Troop Commander during the surge in 2007-8 in the Tigris River Valley, Sam was selected to go back to New York University to Study Russian History, and then went on to teach Russian History at West Point. After he left the Army, he moved to Poland in 2014 and Founded James Cook Media, where he created a world-renowned marketing course for business owners on how to use StoryTelling to craft authentic, powerful marketing campaigns. In 2018, he moved to Kyiv, Ukraine, where he founded a tech startup that was selected for LA Techstars in 2021. When the war Started in 2022, he founded the Borderlands Foundation. He lives in Kyiv with his wife Kateryna.

What People Are Saying

General (Retired) David Petraeus

The Borderlands Foundation team has been very helpful during my visits to Ukraine and in my efforts to understand the situation there. Sam Cook knows the country, its leaders, and the reality on the ground. And his relationships, knowledge, and expertise have been invaluable – especially given that he is a combat veteran who commanded in Iraq, taught Russian history at the US Military Academy, is a marketing expert, and has assembled a superb team. The overall combination is very powerful.

Suzanne Kelly, CEO of the Cipher Brief

The Cipher Brief has had a great experience working with Sam and The Borderlands Foundation team on our visits to Ukraine as we work to better understand this war from all perspectives. Sam and his team were very helpful in coordinating impactful meetings that led to deeper understanding of what is happening on the ground, not just what’s being reported in the headlines. Sam is a great communicator, is incredibly well-connected and has been a trusted partner for us in Ukraine.

SFC Serhiy Yanchuk, 78th Air Assault

The Borderlands Foundation has created a strong community inside Ukraine that connects groups from across the world with the Ukrainian Armed Forces, Security Services, and Civil Society. Sam Cook's personal connections and help have provided invaluable funding and training opportunities to the units that I have served in as part of Ukraine's Special and Regular Forces. Sam is committed to the future of Ukraine. He cares deeply about Ukraine and our ultimate victory against Russia.

Yuri Bogun Shchyrin, CEO AIM Marketing

Sam came to Ukraine in 2018, long before Ukraine was a global brand everyone admired. He believed in Ukraine, and helping its veterans long before the full scale invasion. I watched how he dropped everything he was doing, stepped away from his business, and started the Borderlands Foundation. On the Second day of the war, we both did a joint podcast together as I setup our community defense of my town of Bilohorodka.

Serhiy Kvit, Kyiv-Mohyla Academy

As the President of the Kyiv Moyla Academy, I was pleasantly surprised in the summer of 2022 to meet an American history professor and marketing
media expert who told me his vision for creating the future of Ukraine's glorious history. We gave Sam a teaching spot at the Kyiv Mohyla Academy school of Journalism, where he taught an extraordinary course called War & StoryTelling in Ukraine for our students.

Evan Platt,
Zero Line

The Borderlands Foundation has carved a niche for itself in Ukraine as being the place where we all know we can go to if we want to meet someone else important. Sam has been constantly meeting and understanding the nonprofits supporting Ukraine, and made it his mission to help us find connections and resources to support our mission. The Borderlands Foundation is a key part of the Ecosystem here.

About Us

The Borderlands Foundation is registered 501(c)(3) nonprofit in the United States,

with offices and legal status in both Ukraine and Europe.

The Borderlands Foundation is a historical nonprofit organization. Our mission is to tell the Story of Ukraine's Fight for Freedom to the world to create a historical narrative that will be empowering and unifying for future generals of a united, free, and powerful Ukraine. We are also creating a research center to educate and inspire the Free world that has supported Ukraine on the lessons they need to learn from this war in order to build similar strength and resiliance across their government and security services.

We are on a mission to give you a voice in building a better future by capturing the story of Ukraine's heroic struggle

  • In 2022, we raised $85K in donations

  • Helped 400 refugees

  • And conducted 30+ interviews documenting the story of the war

Sign-Up for Free Lecture Series War and Storytelling in Ukraine

This 5-part lecture series was taught to the graduate students

of the Kyiv-Mohyla School of Journalism by Samuel P.N. Cook, the Founder of the Borderlands Foundation - a former U.S. Army Officer in Iraq who went on to teach Russian and Ukrainian History at West Point.

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