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Keep up to date with our latest events, stories, and research

by following us on Facebook and Twitter.


Stay Updated

Keep up to date with our latest events, stories, and research

by following us on Facebook and Twitter.

Sign-Up for Free Lecture Series War and Storytelling in Ukraine

This 5-part lecture series was taught to the graduate students

of the Kyiv-Mohyla School of Journalism by Samuel P.N. Cook, the Founder of the Borderlands Foundation - a former U.S. Army Officer in Iraq who wenton to teach Russian and Ukrainian History at West Point.

We are on a mission to give you a voice in building a better future by capturing the story of Ukraine's heroic struggle

  • In 2022, we raised $85K in donations

  • Helped 400 refugees

  • And conducted 30+ interviews documenting the story of the war

We Partner with Organizations Like...

Here's How You Can Contribute to the War Effort:

1. Click "Donate now" button

You can donate any amount one time or regularly.

2. Learn who we've helped

Watch videos where we tell the stories of the heroes of Ukraine

3. See your donation in action!

Get regular email updates to see how your donations made an impact.

Stand Against Russia's Evil Invasion of Ukraine

With help from people like you, the Borderlands Foundation helps Ukraine win the war by sharing stories of Ukraine's heroes and supporting their families.

1. You make a donation

2. Our foundation collects funds

3. We capture the stories of Ukraine's heroes

4. We publish and share their stories online

5. The stories of Ukraine's heroes inspire the world

Help Ukraine Win the War.

Capture stories of Ukraine's heroes

Make sure Ukrainian heroes maintain a lasting legacy

Give directly to heroes' families

Your donations will go to support Ukrainian veterans and their families

Write the history of the war

Shape the future by helping us capture the story of the war for generations to come

Choose How You Want to Make a Difference in Winning the Russia-Ukraine War.

Become a donor

Your donation will help our team research and capture the stories of Ukraine's heroes

Become a sponsor

Become a trusted corporate sponsor and participate in our annual golf tournament and other fundraising events

Become a volunteer

See how you can donate your time to help Borderlands make history

Join Our Community of Donors to Capture Stories of Ukraine's Heroes, Support Their Families, and Shape the Future of World History.

The Borderlands Foundation is a community of people who want to make their mark on history.

When you join our community of donors, you help Ukraine win the war against Russia's evil aggression. And you can feel proud about helping to shape history through the power of storytelling while supporting the families of Ukraine's heroes.

Don't let apathy stand in the way of the Ukraine war effort. You can make a difference and help Ukraine win the war against Russia.


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The Borderlands Foundation is a Delaware-registered non-profit organization. Our registered business address is located in Texas.

Registered Business Address: The Borderlands Foundation Mailbox number #5062401 Fountain View Drive Suite #464Houston, TX 77057 United States

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